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Diet culture has f*cked us up and at Bad Brand, 
we’re taking Bad back!

Because no food or body is bad, we pack our products with inherently nutritious, wholesome ingredients to fuel your most badass endeavors and leave guilt in the dust. The kicker? Our products promise to never leave you sad for a lack of flavor.

Because we aren't willing to compromising on anything- flavor, nutrition and badassery unite in one women-owned brand! Our Chia Seed Pudding was created for anyone who doesn’t fit the mold, who refuses to accept the status quo and damnit, loves food! So hear our rebel yell: we refuse to compromise, we refuse to be made small and we revel in our love of all things delicious! We own Bad, we are Bad Nutrition, and we make food for badasses.


We Believe

Food Should be Nutritious & Delicious

Food should be delicious and nutritious at the same time
- life is too short for bland, empty food.

Welcome the Weirdos

Our brand was created for the rule breakers, the weirdos and those who refuse to stay quiet. We embrace all people and stand up for those 
who are voiceless.

F*ck Diet Culture

Diet culture was created to keep people smaller, quieter and more manageable. Thanks for the trauma but byeee- we embrace loving food 
and rejoice in the flavors of life!

Live Your Passion

Find the beauty in what lights you up and share it with the world. 
Build. Cool. Shit. Make. More. Art.

Be Authentic

Be you, love you, honor YOU! Authenticity is our jam.

Our Founder

I’m Sophia 

As a nutritionist, feminist, mother and general hell raiser, I was fed up with diet culture. I was tired of being told how my body should look to make other people comfortable and I felt like- probably- I wasn't alone. I also really love Chia Pudding. Cue: Bad Nutrition Chia Pudding. 

We're here to build a brand for the rule breakers, the weirdos, for those who refuse to accept the status quo. To express a  love of food, humor and art through our brand and spread the ethos of Bad Nutrition one middle finger at a time. We create unabashedly delicious foods that are inherently nutritious because compromise is so 2000 and late.